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The AI for and by teachers Erasmus+ project ( is a collaboration between France, Slovenia, Italy, Ireland and Luxembourg, designed to contribute to training on AI in education and today they launched the first version of their AI Textbook, which is one of the key resources the project has developed for teachers.  

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This open educational resource is designed for use by teachers to address the needs of teachers. This is the first version and it is anticipated that the book will evolve and it will explore how AI is being used to do schoolwork, how it could be best used (or not) in education and what to watch out for. The book is designed from the premise that it is important for all teachers to understand AI and to make informed choices when it comes to adopting or not adopting AI into their practice.

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You can explore the AI Textbook in more detail here .

The above screen grab captures a segment of an article from the Next Steps section, and it explores some of the challenges around AI and its potential impact on homework and on the types of exams we set our students. This section will undoubtedly grow over time to keep pace with the evolving area of AI in education.Later in the year the project will also release a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and other resources. The Department of Education is a key partner in the project and they are joined by PDST TiE, Dublin City University Institute of Education and H2 Learning on this exciting project.

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