#4 A 1:1 Digital Journey Podcast

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#4 A 1:1 Digital Journey Podcast

In the fourth episode in our reboot of the TeachNet Podcast series, Pat Brennan is joined by Brian Doran, Principal in St. Kevin’s Community College, Dunlavin, Co Wicklow to talk about their digital learning journey and the rollout of 1:1 devices.

Over the course of our discussion, Brian charts St. Kevin’s digital journey which began over 10 years ago and details some of the key milestones along the way. From the very start the focus was on enabling students to build the skills and competencies they would need to succeed in the modern world and to have access to the learning tools that would support them. To realise this, teachers and students acquired individual (1:1) Windows devices and the Microsoft 365 platform and tools were rolled out to support teaching, learning and assessment. As with any transformative journey, there were bumps along the way and Brian talks candidly about what these were and how they were surmounted. He too outlines what he believes are the key things that prospective 1:1 schools should consider when embarking on a similar path.

To finish, Brian details the priorities for St. Kevin’s Community College going forward, including exploring micro-credentials and digital badging for recognition and certification of soft skills among others…

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