#1 Blended Learning & The Flipped Classroom Podcast
#1 Blended Learning & The Flipped Classroom Podcast

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In the inaugural episode in our reboot of the TeachNet Podcast series, Dr. Michael Hallissy is joined by Donal O’Reilly, Post-primary Deputy Director of the Centre for School Leadership to discuss all things blended learning.

The focus of the conversation is very much around how Donal first started exploring blended learning approaches like the Flipped Classroom model about 10 years back when he was Deputy Principal and a metalwork teacher in Killorglin Community College. Finding himself with the dilemma juggling both roles and invariably missing class time with his technical graphics students, he realised that he needed to change his practice significantly to compensate for enforced absences and ensure his students didn’t fall behind. He details this journey here…

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