Upgrading Projectors – Part 2

In a previous posting we looked at updating/upgrading and replacing projectors supplied with the earliest Promethean interactive whiteboard systems which schools would have purchased between 2005 and 2009. These projectors in general were Sanyo units such as Sanyo PLC-XU70 (Long Throw) and Sanyo PLC-XE40/45 (Orange Short Throw).  RA Technology have a useful page to help with identifying your Promethean Mounting System at http://www.ratechnology.co.uk/media/RA%20Promethean%20+2%20Flyer.pdf

In this second series we will look at a schools options for replacing projectors installed with the later AB300 series interactive whiteboard. This is the model with the built in speakers and USB sound system. We have two different types of projectors installed with these systems Promethean PRM 20 (Grey LCD projectors, re badged Sanyo, similar in size to the Sanyo XE40/45) and Promethean PRM 25 (Black DLP). We have found that the Epson EB520 is a suitable replacement for the Sanyo PLC-XE40/45, Promethean PRM 20 and Promethean PRM 25.

We have 11 of these boards in use in the school since early 2010. The first one of these systems was installed under a Phones for Boards promotion – a joint effort undertaken by the Jack and Jill Foundation and Promethean to help schools with equipping classrooms with interactive whiteboards by collecting and donating old mobile phones. On these systems, the mounting arm is slightly off-set to the left of the centre of the interactive whiteboard. The projector installed is the Promethean PRM20.  A suitable universal mount is available from RA Technology for these systems when fitting an alternative short throw projector.

We have 4 of the PRM 25 projectors fitted. These are DLP projectors, one advantage with these was they didn’t require regular filter cleaning or any optical deep cleaning carried out after a few years in use. Bulb replacement was more expensive but luckily the bulbs have only had to be replaced once in each of the units. Sadly, our experience has been they haven’t proved as reliable as the Sanyo and Promethean LCD projectors. Two have had to be replaced in the last 18 months due to failure – colour wheel error and buner fan error. Equinox Maintenance, who I know have provided service and maintenance in the past for both Sanyo and Promethean and are happy to repair and service Sanyo/Promethean LCD projectors but will not offer any service on these DLP projectors  One thing to note is that these projectors have their mounting arm fitted slightly off-set to the left of the centre of the interactive whiteboard. I have found that if one removes the projector, take out the mounting bolts where the arm is secured to the wall, move the mount approx. 150 mm, insert the mounting bolts into what previously were the right hand holes, it makes it relatively easy to mark the position of the remaining holes for drilling to refit the mount in a position over the centre of the interactive whiteboard. These boards were fitted with a white rectangular box section mount. I have found that Elara offer a suitable universal mount with a Promethean adapter (approx. €35) that can be used on these systems for fitting an alternative projector – http://www.elara.ie/productdetail.aspx?productcode=HKVPMVMOUNT6PM

We have 6 other systems with PRM20 LCD projectors. The mount that Elara offer is suitable as the mounting system is similar to the PRM25 above. No moving of the mount is required as mount is fitted centrally over the board.

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