Take the Line for a Walk

Every year I look for something in art that is fun, has little clean up and incorporates ICT.
For the last two years I have used the artist Paul Klee as a starting point. The art lesson involves looking and responding to the work of Paul Klee who he said that when he was drawing, it was like taking the line for a walk.

Strand: Paint and Colour
Stand Unit: Painting clip_image001
The child should be enabled to
explore colour with a variety of materials and media
– exploring the colour possibilities of computer painting tools (Jnr & Snr Infant Curriculum)
– using a computer art program to experiment with colour and to create images (1st and 2nd class curriculum)
– using a computer art program to experiment with the effects of warm and cool colours (3rd/4th and 5th/6th class curriculum)

Most computer operating systems have the programme “paint” installed. To create a piece of art (like the image to the right), children can experiment with the line and the bucket tools in paint.
This lesson works well on an IWB where the teacher can model the line and the bucket colour filling. Children can then use the IWB to create and save their own pictures of “Take the Line for a Walk” or they could use the computer at the back of the classroom or a computer in a in a computer room.
While some children are working on their digital images, the others can try one by hand. Children love comparing their hand drawn one to the one they have digitally created. .

Pictures can be saved in a folder called “Take the Line for a Walk” as jpeg files.  It is important that you explain to children the importance of saving their work in folders and with the correct name. For younger children the folder could be already created. When they simply go “file, save as” the folder will automatically appear and children can type in their names. These pictures can be printed for display or framed or put on to the school blog – Check out the Culleens NS school blog for an example.


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