OneNote Windows App Allowing Super Math Functionality for the Classroom

It is no secret my absolute favourite application is Microsoft’s OneNote. I typically use OneNote 2016 as part of the Office program package. When I upgraded to the 2016 version, I was somewhat disappointed to find I no longer had the math add-in that worked with OneNote 2013 . But as I have more recently started to use the OneNote native app, available to download from the Windows store,  I was delighted to see it comes with super math functionality.

To share some highlights of the key features, I have created a short demo video made using the Recording tab in PowerPoint 2016 (Another go-to feature I love!).

The video below demonstrates solving an equation, graphing a function, highlighting critical points on the graph of the function, as well as having OneNote generate step-by-step solutions.

To take a short course, Independent Learning with Math Tools in OneNote,  join the Microsoft Educator Community and go to

Both PowerPoint 2016 and OneNote include the ruler function which is an absolute treasure for the Math class. It allows you to easily draw lines and angles. Have a look below to see how I used it recently in a lesson on sketching quadratic parabola.

A new feature for those of you using Learning Tools’ Immersive Reader is the the release of an update which will allow OneNote to read out math notation! Have a look at the following post under the section titled Helping Students Read Math Problems with Immersive Reader at . I hope to blog about this soon after I’ve tried it out!

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