OneNote & GeoGebra: A Maths Made in Heaven!

This is not my first post about the merits and overall superb functionality of OneNote in the classroom context. OneNote notebooks and OneNote Class notebooks are so versatile for planning, delivering and reviewing class material. But did you know you can embed GeoGebra files into your OneNote notebooks? This post will be of particular interest to math teachers.

With maths, often it is necessary to demonstrate concepts using graphing software such as GeoGebra. Where possible I avoid directing my students to many different sources of content and use OneNote as the root of all content I wish to share with classes. Therefore, being able to embed a GeoGebra interactive file so easily into my classes’ OneNote notebooks is a superb enhancement.

For example, I recently worked through the basic concepts of the properties of triangles with a Junior Cycle group. Students were able to adjust the sliders directly from OneNote to see the sum of any two sides of a triangle must be greater than the third side.

Another example, was embedding a GeoGebra file to allow students visualise the varying rate of change of a parabola.


Below I have put a few simple steps to follow to show you how to embed your GeoGebra into OneNote.

  1. Create or find your desired GeoGebra file. (GeoGebra have a vast library of shared content including complete workbooks for a unit or individual worksheets.  See this Calculus 1 and 2 workbook, )
  2. Select the Share symbol from the menu.

3. Copy the link created.

4. Paste the link onto a OneNote page and the file will automatically embed to allow you or your students interact to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.

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