Educational Cutbacks

On the day when the Minister for Education and Science announced further cutbacks in schools which will target the most vulnerable children it is hard to be upbeat unless you are a banker getting bailout money today. The goodwill of teachers and their care for the children they teach is being preyed upon as the Government know that despite our anger we will always do our best. I can’t see much hope for any policy on in schools being devised or implemented by the DES in the foreseeable future. How then can we be serious about developing Ireland as a knowledge economy? The only work being done is by a number of dedicated teachers who won’t give up because we know how empowering ICT is for learning. I make no apology for ranting and indeed I think we should all rant a little more and at least embarass the Government for their lack of vision and downright moral bankruptcy in cutting educational services to disadvantaged children.

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