Curipod: An Intelligent Presentation Tool

Many tools are starting to integrate AI to speed up the creation process and one of the more useful ones from a teaching point of view is an application called Curipod.

Curipod is a relatively new platform that allows users to create and share interactive educational content. It is slide show presentation-style tool that combines text, images, polls, word clouds, drawings, video and more to offer a digitally interactive space for teachers and students. 

The tool is quite similar to Nearpod and Pear Deck as it has interactivity features which allow students to interact with the presentation. Students can access the presentation using a unique code, just like Kahoot and Nearpod. The big difference with this application though is that AI can build your lesson for you. That makes it easier to use while still allowing for teacher control to edit and tweak the content after the AI has done its magic so as to create the ideal end result for your class.

You can use Curipod like any other slide-based interactive assessment tool, creating from scratch or picking from a selection of pre-built templates. However, this will also let you build using AI, which makes it faster and should mean it’s easier than other options available.

Curipod also lets you create a lesson in collaboration with other teachers, and easily share that with individuals or groups. You can include polls that can be sent to student devices and have the results shown on the big screen in class.

Curipod is available to sign up and start using for free with just your email address. Once that’s completed, you can begin creating or choosing lessons from the library of available content. There are several premium plans available that can get you more advanced features but the free version is fine and gets you all the core features

Curipod works through a browser, making it widely accessible to most devices with an internet connection. Since the AI can do a lot of the work for you, via the cloud, this is fast and easy to use. Either pick a lesson from the templates, many of which are created and shared by and within the community, or start from scratch. Alternatively, you can start from the AI, simply typing in the subject, grade, lesson objectives  before hitting the “Do magic” button to get started.

You are able to share with a simple code that allows anyone to gain access and interact with the content using their device.

The Curipod community is a big appeal as there are already so many templates available. You can search by subject area or goals you’re aiming to work on, filtering by age and subject.

One of the most exciting features of Curipod is its AI-powered capabilities. For example, the platform’s AI-powered recommendation engine can suggest lessons, questions and activities based on the learning objectives and topic, making it faster for you to plan and create lessons.
To use the AI features:

1.        Click onto “Create lesson”

2.        Click “Full Lesson”

3.        Write your topic and the learning objectives and standards 

4.        Click “Do Magic”

Curipod will then make you a fully editable lesson with AI generated features such as lesson hooks, discussion questions, personalised feedback, poll questions and more.

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