‘Bored’ of your view in Outlook?

Make outlook work for you with ‘Board View’

Do you have a pile of post its or to do lists which never see the light of day?

Organise your important items in one place, in one window on screen – your calendars, to do lists, sticky notes, links, files, and even reminders!

Think of board view in Outlook as a visual planner that you can design and customise however you like by adding, moving, resizing and colour coding items that YOU choose to add.

Board View in Outlook with Ashley's Bitmoji looking at board view through magnifying glass. 
View Calendar, Tod Do List, Sticky Notes, Quick Links, Files, Email and more.. in one window!

Note: Board view is available in M365 Outlook for the web or for personal accounts on Outlook.com

Try it out: 5 Simple Steps to Create a Board

1. Open outlook in your web browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome)

2. On the left, vertical taskbar – Click on the calendar icon

3. Click on ‘Views’

4. Click Board

5. Click New board, give your board a name and then click ‘Create’

Board View in Outlook step by step instructions with arrows to show where to click. 
Outlook for web, Click to view Calendar, Click to create board, Add items to board view.

Customise YOUR View: Make Outlook work for you…

From the board view you can add items by clicking ‘Add to board’ and then choose the item you would like to add from the list. Click ‘Show all’ to see the full list of items you can add.

Here are some suggestions for items that you can add to your board:

Calendar: You can add multiple calendar items and even view different calendars side by side.

Image: Add image or logo files, have organisational branding to hand.

Task Lists: You can add your existing task lists from Microsoft To Do to your board.

Links: Add a quick link to a website, cloud file or page on the web.

Clock: Keep track of different time zones to stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues around the world.

When you are checking your emails in Outlook for the web, you can right click an email message, event in your calendar, task item or note and select to ‘Add to Board’.

Weather: This one might come in handy for Teachers who work in an outdoor classroom!

Once you’ve added items, you can drag and drop to move them around your board. You can even create multiple boards!

For easy and quick access, you could bookmark board view in Outlook in your web browser or add a Desktop Shortcut…

Cheat Sheet: Keyboard Shortcuts

Get the most out of board view by using these handy keyboard shortcuts. To use simply press the keys listed in the right hand column on your keyboard at the same time to perform the function!

SearchCtrl + Shift + K
Zoom inCtrl + [
Zoom outCtrl + ]
Pan left/rightCtrl + Left / Ctrl + Right
Pan up/downCtrl + Up / Ctrl + Down
Reset pan and zoomCtrl + 0
Move selected itemCtrl + Shift + Left / Ctrl + Shift + Right
Move selected item up/downCtrl + Shift + Up / Ctrl + Shift + Down
Deselect all itemsEsc
Open board viewShift + Alt + 6

Happy Boarding! Hope you find it useful.


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