Accessibility, Flexibility and Formative Assessment for the Math Classroom with OneNote for Windows 10

For this post, I have created three videos showcasing some of the more recent additions to OneNote for Windows 10. Please note, the Math button is not available in OneNote 2016. This may mean downloading or switching to the OneNote app for Windows 10. OneNote for Windows 10 is a free application available to all Windows 10 users. The features demonstrated are available to users with an Office 365 license.

First, I love the ability to create Forms that will automatically correct but also I can place feedback in the form based on responses. This allows for formative feedback directing students based on their input. It also includes a math panel to input questions and solutions. Take a look at the demo video below and if you want to learn more visit on the Microsoft Educator Community.

Second, Immersive Reader is now a component of the Math function, reading math aloud. This provides students with further options in terms of accessibility and the pace at which they may wish to consider solutions to math equations. The Immersive Reader is a part of Microsoft’s Learning Tools. If you wish to learn more about Learning Tools, visit

Last but certainly not least, this video demonstrates how simply OneNote creates sliders for exploring functions. In this video I have created a quadratic function but OneNote has no problem handling other functions such as trigonometric functions either! If you wish to learn more about the Math functionality, there is a series of video tutorials available at to explore at your convenience.

How are using OneNote in your classroom or with your students? Feel free to tweet to @aedamar_frawley.

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