Digital orators not only speaking but captivating audiences

AI generated image of a robot listening to a podcast
AI generated image of a robot listening to a podcast

As AI has exploded in the past year, it has been challenging to keep on top of the changes and not everyone has the time to sit and read. In this blog post, I will share my top 5 AI ( and AI in education) podcasts whose digital orators captivated me.

AI in Education
This podcast has been around since 2019 and is hosted by two former colleagues from Microsoft Australia so some guests are from the other side of the world. A good podcast to go through the back catalogue to bring yourself up to speed.

AI Inside
AI Inside is a podcast that explores the complexities of artificial intelligence and its impact on the world at large. Hosted by veteran tech podcaster Jason Howell and media expert Jeff Jarvis, AI Inside takes a thoughtful look at the promise and challenges of AI. Fans of TWIG will no doubt have this on their podcatcher already.

Discover Daily
A tech podcast with a strong slant on AI which demostrates Elevenlabs AI voice capability. It released daily but they are short and to the point. It really gives an indication of the power of AI in voice creation.

Everything AI
A bit like Discover Daily, it is a short podcast, with multiple AI stories per day. Everyday AI podcast is focused on exploring the latest trends and developments in artificial intelligence. The show features in-depth discussions on various applications of AI in everyday life, from healthcare to entertainment.

The Guardian Black Box podcast
This is a new podcast and I have only listened to two episodes but the high quality journalism from the Guardian is worth the time investment. The Guardian’s blurb states Michael Safi investigates the story of a technology so complex that its own creators have no idea what it is thinking, and captures a snapshot of the era when people first made contact with AI.

Bonus: The New York Times released an article last year on the top 6 podcasts to learn about AI. One bug bear is there are all ads supported.

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