Digital Leaders in School

Digital Leaders are a collaborative and innovative team of teachers and special needs assistants working together to assist in the integration of the use of digital technology for teaching, learning, and assessment. Digital Leaders mentor a cohort of staff both in small groups and on an individual basis. They check in regularly with their groups and share effective practice, which aims to support and enhance the quality of students learning experiences. This encourages teachers to share ideas, cross-curricular resources, and strategies.

How does the digital leader model work in schools?

Each digital leader is responsible for helping a small number of colleagues ensuring that everyone has a support system for any digital problem or query they may have.

Digital leaders can use a digital platform to meet on a regular basis to share best practise.

Digital Leaders in action in school

Using a platform such as Microsoft teams to create a team with your digital leader group allows easy communication and sharing of tips and advice.

Digital Leaders can share demonstration videos for their colleagues or help with any problems encountered.

Digital Leadership has and will continue to have a very positive impact on teaching, learning, and assessment. The digital leadership initiative values input from management, teachers, students, and parents, which ensures that everyone in the school community is supported.

The digital leader model ensures that nobody is left behind on their digital journey. It encourages collaboration and innovation amongst staff, transforming teaching and learning and inspiring lifelong learning.

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