Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Criona Corroon

    1. Engage:
    o I introduce the topic of space using captivating images or short videos related to astronauts, planets, or stars.
    o I encourage children to discuss and predict methods astronauts might use to purify and recycle water in space.
    2. Investigate:
    o I pose a starter question: “How do astronauts purify water in space?”
    o In groups, children simulate the purifying process by removing solid dirt from a mixture.
    o We discuss reasons behind predictions and record our thoughts.
    3. Take the Next Step:
    o We explore how invisible impurities might be removed from the mixture.
    o I emphasize the importance of fair testing (consistent conditions, controlled variables).
    4. Reflect:
    o After the activity, we reflect on what went well and how we could improve next time.

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