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Irene Lynch

    Creating an inquiry-based activity on gravity for 7-year-olds can be both fun and educational. The key is to keep the concepts simple and engaging while encouraging curiosity and exploration.

    Activity: Exploring gravity with falling objects.

    Materials needed:

    A variety of small toys

    stopwatch or timer

    ruler or measuring tape

    a note book for recording

    a large open space to test your objects


    • Begin with a simple explanation of gravity: “Gravity is a force that pulls everything down towards the ground.”
    • Ask the children if they have noticed how things fall to the ground when they drop them. Encourage them to share their observations.


    • Show the children the different objects you have. Ask them to predict which objects they think will fall faster or slower and why.
    • Write down these predictions in the notebook.
    • Experiment – Dropping Objects:
      • Stand on a chair or a small step to get some height.
      • Hold two different objects at the same height.
      • Count down and drop both objects at the same time while another child uses the stopwatch to measure the time it takes for each to hit the ground.
      • Record the times in the notebook.
      • Observation and Discussion:
      • Repeat the experiment with different pairs of objects
      • Ask the children to observe which objects fall faster or slower.
      • Discuss the results: Did the objects fall at the same speed or different speeds? Were their predictions correct
      • Conclusion and Reflection: 
      • Summarize the key points:
      • Gravity pulls objects down, and all objects fall at the same rate if we ignore air resistance.
      • Ask the children what they learned and if there were any surprises
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