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"You are what you eat!" Vitamins are an essential part of our daily diet and a fundamental component of every healthy eating plan. This site gives comprehensive coverage of "Vitamins" and integrates a variety of "Assessment for Learning "online activities. Rationale: Vitamins are an essential part of our daily diet. Each vitamin has specific functions in the body, different effects of deficiency, is found in a range of food sources, has specific properties and different RDAs. This information detailed for each vitamin can be quite difficult to memorise and accurately recall. "The Vitamin Check up Centre" provides a selection of On-line Quizzes, Crosswords, Drag and Drop exercises, Cloze tests,Traffic Light assessment sheet, Action Mazes, Invisible Answer Worksheets, an interactive "Vitamin Parade" Slideshow and a Bumper Vitamin Quiz. The PowerPoint slide shows can be used to give a comprehensive introduction or as a revision resource to reinforce learning. Links to WebQuests are included for fun, team learning experiences and Powerpoint presentations to introduce or revise the Vitamin lesson. Estimated number of class periods required: (8 -10).

Curriculum Addressed

1.1.5 Vitamins Sources, functions, effects of, deficiency, recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), properties of the fat-soluble vitamins A (retinol and beta carotene), D (cholecalciferol), E (tocopherols), K (naphthoquinones), and the water-soluble vitamins C (ascorbic acid), B12 (cobalamin) and folate Sources, functions, effects of deficiency and properties of the other B complex vitamins, as a group, to include, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), niacin, and B6 (pyridoxine).

  • Client Name: Mary Ann Calvey
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  • Skills Needed: Computers, Internet access - Word processing package (MS Word), Powerpoint,. Data projector and printing facilities. This website contains a variety of group and individual work and a variety of assessments. Two of the slideshows (Fat soluble vitamins and Water soluble vitamins) and "Vitamins" webpages can be presented using a data projector. For best use of the assessments inside the "Vitamin Check up Centre" or "lemon" , individual access to a computer is required as these activities have been designed to promote self directed learning and provide for differentiation in learning.
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