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“Nutri-Whiz” provides a range of interactive quizzes and online assessments for Nutrition and Food Science. The powerful tool of interactive quizzes facilitates testing yourself and allows students of all levels to benefit from immediate feedback! The variety of assessment types includes Online quizzes, Cloze tests, “Drag and Drop” matching exercises, Crosswords and “Invisible Answer” worksheets.  Separate tests are available for each nutrient and for each food group and a combination quiz in the form of a “bumper quiz” tests the complete unit. Composition, chemical structure, classification, sources, properties, functions, energy value and digestion of each nutrient and micronutrient is assessed.  The effect of processing and nutritional value of the main food commodities are all checked out! Estimated number of class periods 8 – 10.

Curriculum Addressed

Leaving Certificate Scientific & Social: Home Economics

  • Client Name: Mary Ann Calvey
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  • Skills Needed: Access to a PC with internet and printer connected. For group and whole class work a data projector or interactive whiteboard would be ideal. Access to the school computer room would allow students to work at their own pace on assigned assessments. Students with a PC and internet connection at home can be directed to assessments for homework or revision.
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