Textiles, Fashion, and Design

Textiles, Fashion, and Design

Secondary School: Senior Cycle» Home Economics

Project Type:

The focus of this website is on Textiles, Fashion and Design at Leaving Certificate Level.
1)  The project will explore contemporary clothing and fashion in society today.
2) It will look at social, economic and industrial influences on the design and construction of clothes in the work force.
3) It will evaluate current fashion trends to include colour, pattern and texture.
4) It will explore the manufacture of textiles in Ireland.
5) It will evaluate garments in relation to function, comfort and aesthetic appeal.
6) A garment will be designed and constructed using a commercial pattern.
7) The clothing and textile industry will be overviewed in Ireland.

Curriculum Addressed

Leaving Certificate Home Economics Elective 2: Textiles, Fashion and Design

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