#12 AI4T Conference Podcast

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#12 AI4T Conference Podcast

In our latest TeachNet learning podcast , Dr Michael Hallissy is joined by Dr Deirdre Butler of Dublin City University (DCU) IOE and Declan Qualter, practice placement supervisor for the new Bachelor of Education program at the UCD School of Education to discuss the final AI4T Conference held in Luxembourg last month and more broadly about the importance AI literacy and teacher agency in teaching, learning and assessment.

To begin, Deirdre charts the development of this Erasmus+ funded collaboration, which saw 17 partners from five countries come together to explore the growth of use of AI in education, the development of a bespoke textbook and MOOC for teachers and about leading the project’s evaluation narrative. The discussion then moves on to the event itself and Declan, outlines what were the key takeaways for him as an attendee, particularly around the ethical integration of AI in classrooms, the critical need for continual professional support for teachers and concerns about an ever growing digital divide in our schools.

In conclusion the panel discuss the crucial and irreplaceable role of the teacher as we embrace AI, the EU Ethical guidelines and the undeniable shift required in assessment practices.

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