#11 AI and Assessment Podcast

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#11 AI and Assessment Podcast

In our latest podcast on generative AI in education, , Dr Michael Hallissy speaks with Dr Jenny O’Connor, lecturer in English and Communications in South East Technical University (SETU), and Dr Orna Farrell Associate Professor of Education in Dublin City University (DCU) about Gen AI and its impact on assessment.

Recorded just before Christmas following presentations by both Jenny and Orna at the SETU Digital Education Conference 2023, the panel discuss their own experience of using AI tools and how anecdotally their students are using same. The discussion then focuses on the threat (Some would say existential) AI tools pose to traditional forms of assessment and how (and if) academic integrity can be maintained in this every evolving educational landscape. Some of the key questions include, what supports and guiderails do students need, do AI Detectors work and what needs to change…

In the spirit of embracing Generative AI we prompted DALL·E 2 to create a relevant graphic to accompany the discussion, we’ll let you be the judge of how good a job it did?

Image generated by DALL·E 2 in Copilot from prompt

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