Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Laura O Neill

    I would use the Activity Set : Stars.

    I would start by engaging the children’s interest with the activity “How many stars are there?”. I would show the children five marbles and ask who thinks there are more stars than these five marbles. I would repeat this for the number of children in the class. Then I would fill a third container to the top with marbles and ask the question again. I would use questioning to gauge children’s prior knowledge of stars, eg What do stars look like?, When do you see stars?, Do stars give light?, Why do they look so small?. Through this discussion children would learn that there are lots of stars in the universe.
    I would then look at drawings of constellations and ask children what they can see and if they recognise any of them. We could listen to some constellation stories to show children how different cultures might see different images in the constellations.
    Then I would have them design and make a star lantern. They could choose whether to copy a constellation or create their own constellation.

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