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David Gavin

    Title: Where do we live and weather

    The objective of this lesson is to Introduce Junior and Senior infants to where we live and different weather types through engaging activities and discussions.

    Activity 1:
    Where Do We Live?
    To introduce the lesson I would Show a world map, discuss different homes, and encourage children to share something they like about where they live.

    Activity 2: Different Types of Weather: I would Show the children pictures of weather conditions, discuss their characteristics, and use props to demonstrate their effects.

    Activity 3: Weather Art: Provide art supplies for children to create drawings or paintings representing their favorite type of weather.

    Activity 4: Weather Discussion and Reflection: Engage children in a conversation about weather, asking questions and encouraging them to share their thoughts and experiences.

    Extension Activities: Create a weather chart, sing weather-related songs, observe current weather, or engage in simple experiments.

    Adapt activities to suit children’s needs and abilities. Encourage curiosity and have fun exploring our home and weather.

    I would encorporate various books into the lesson such as
    “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” by Judi Barrett
    “The Wind Blew” by Pat Hutchins
    “Little Cloud” by Eric Carle

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