Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Suzy Furlong

    I like the topic of the sun and shadows activity.

    I would begin by giving the children torches in the darkened classroom to explore with light and shadows on the wall and on the desk. I have done this many times and the children love trying out hand shadows to explore with light and shadow.

    Following on from this I would use a globe and a torch, getting one child to hold the torch and shine it on the globe at Ireland. I would then use the globe to show how the sun affects day and night and possibly in a future lesson showing how the earth also moves around the sun to show the long nights of winter and the bright days of summer.

    I did a lesson a long time ago using the globe and a torch but had forgotten about it until this module. The children could then take turns turning the globe and shining the torch.

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