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Sinead Shanley

    An Inquiry Based Lesson for My Classroom. ‘ A Safer landing’ How can I change the speed of a rolling object as it falls towards the ground? Inspiration- Marble runs


    Strand: Energy and Forces

    Strand Unit: Forces

    Curriculum Objective: investigate how forces act on objects through experimenting with different materials

    Skills Development:Questioning, Investigating, Experimenting


    Trigger: Oops a lego ball drops to the ground and smashes.

    Wonder: I wonder could we help the ball to get to the ground a safer way using some of our junk materials. (toilet roll tubes, masking tape, egg cartons, cardboard.)

    Explore the materials and discuss ideas.


    Starter question: Can we build a some ramps and tunnels to help the ball travel to the ground in a slower safer manner using our materials along a wall.

    Predictions: Children state and record ideas and their reasoning.

    Conducting the investigation by constructing ramps/runs for the lego ball to fall safely to the ground without breaking.

    Share and interpret the results. What worked best?


    Applying our learning and making connections to build class marble runs in Aistear.


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