Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Ursula OConnor

    I would focus on the following activity set: Stars

    With infant classes, I think some of the activities can certainly be modified to use and engage their interest.

    I like the idea of Draw your own Constellation – For this I would use black sugar paper and gold star stickers and chalk. I would pre prepare some dots on which the pupils would have to stick the stars and then link the stars with chalk lines. This would be done to explore how to make and look at a constellation.

    From here I would link into previous lessons on planets, and use the loo roll solar system plan with fruit to develop the concept of distance from the sun – a huge star which we cant find a fruit big enough to be in comparison to our other fruit planets.

    Looking at the Draw your own Constellation template again, I think pegs and boards play and also display and discuss what they can see would be very interesting – pupils could join the dots and create what they see in the the constellations.

    I would integrate this clip :

    as it would give the children some visual ideas and also develop the names in an interesting way.

    In Maths I would elicit ideas for naming a star and hold a poll – displaying a data graph using coloured post it notes to display each child’s vote from a choice of four names and explain that it is possible to name a star.

    Finally, I would develop the ideas from this pack using age appropriate templates for craft and aistear, such as

    Art and Craft activities to build interest and promote language.

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