Reply To: Module 2 – The Moon, the Earth and the Sun

Yvonne Kelly

    Lesson on Introducing Infants to the concept of the sun and shadows.

    – Small flashlight

    – White wall or board for shadow play

    – Objects for shadow exploration (e.g teddy bears/ small world figurines)

    – Chart paper and markers for drawing


    • Elicit from the children if they know what the sun is and what it does.  Explain that the sun is a bright light in the sky that gives us light and warmth. Introduce the concept of shadows by asking the children if they have noticed their shadow on a sunny day. If the day is fortunate enough to be sunny, the class can be taken outside to draw each other’s shadows. An extension activity could be labelling the body parts ; arm, leg…

    • Inside the classroom, gather the children near a window where they can see the sun. Use a flashlight to demonstrate how light creates shadows. Have the children observe how objects block the light to create shadows on a white surface.  Encourage the children to experiment with different objects to see how they create different shadows. Like in the vimeos, we can use their teddy bears from Maths for this activity.

    • Circle time – gather the children around and talk about what they have learned about the sun and shadows. Questioning as a means of assessment “What creates shadows?” and “How does the sun help us?”

    • Listen to the song Shadow song


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