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Technology and Special Educational Needs

This course will explore the effective use of technology for students with SEN. A range of hardware, software and online options will be explored with the emphasis on using digital technologies to support the curriculum or the individual pupil support plan.

Technical Requirements

All our courses require broadband Internet access and participants need to be familiar with using the internet, downloading and installing software.

Course Objectives

Teachers will understand the importance of assistive technologies for pupils with SEN in both special and mainstream school settings. Teachers will be introduced to the concept of high, medium and low/no tech equipment with practical examples of each. Teachers will be asked to reflect on their current teaching strategies.

Expected Outcomes and Module Breakdown

Participants will have an understanding of the assistive technologies available to support the education of students with special needs and a range of disabilities.

Module one will be an introduction into assistive technologies and the importance of the Digital Learning Framework in schools. We will discuss the importance of the SETT tool for gathering data and making decisions on the right tool for the student. There will be a huge emphasis on the inclusive curriculum using the NCSE.

Module two will focus on high tech assistive technologies and assistive technologies available in Microsoft.

Module three will discuss the UDL framework and how inclusion and accessibility are so important in the 21st Century Classroom. We will look at the Cosan framework for teachers learning. We will discuss the accessibility features on the iPad. The SAMR module for the implementation of technology into the classroom will be discussed and the importance of SEL social emotional learning is today?

Module four will look at literacy and numeracy supports for students with SEN again with a focus on the Microsoft platform and other free applications. We will Refer to The National Strategy to Improve Literacy & Numeracy among young children & Young people 2011-2020

Module five will look at planning for a blended curriculum in September and other professional development opportunities with Microsoft and Apple for teachers. The school self-evaluation guidelines are invaluable to participants’ own teaching and a range of assessment for learning techniques, as they consider how the range of digital tools and resources can be used to assist with lesson planning, designing activities to support pupils with special education needs. Focus on the use of ICT for SEN in the context of School Self Evaluation and how this relates to the Digital Learning Framework standards.

Course Duration

Delivered online, this course can be taken anytime between July 3rd and August 18th, 2023. Participants are required to engage meaningfully with online content for approximately 20 hours. Whilst participation and engagement with the course content will be primarily judged on the quality of their contributions, an attendance roll will be kept and a log of their time spent working online.

Course Author

Holly Murray is a History and Geography teacher based in Co. Donegal. She is a certified Apple teacher and a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. Holly is very passionate about using technology enhanced learning for accessibility and inclusion in her classroom. For her ongoing professional development is key to ensuring she’s giving her students the best teaching experience.

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