Getting creative with the IWB in the English Curriculum

Primary School» English

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This Teachnet project focuses on the practical use of the IWB in the classroom along with the use of two PCs/laptops in the Primary School English Curriculum. It looks at how the IWB can be used creativity for both teaching and learning within a classroom. The project focuses on interactive activities through collaborative learning which have been tired and test by 30 2nd class children. It also gives examples of a station Teaching approach which integrates the IWB in one of its 6 activities. The project also provides links and a description to all of the resources used.

Curriculum Addressed

English Curriculum - Reading, Writing and Oral Language.

  • Client Name: Emma Hallinan
  • Project URL:
  • Skills Needed: An Interactive Whiteboard (any make or model), internet connection, printer, 2 classroom PCs or laptops (optional).
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