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This project is developed with both the teacher and the pupil in mind. The teaching element of the project is contained in the pages of the Blog. These are static & don’t change. The first page contains the aims & objectives of the project with the rest of the pages containing the teaching points & tips for successful reports & reviews. The resources page has all the templates to help pupils in writing their reports & reviews.The other half of the project is where the pupils, when they have written their reports & reviews, upload them as posts onto the blog. These posts are dynamic & constantly changing. The reports are filed under different sport categories e.g. Soccer, Rugby, Gaelic, Hurling etc. The reviews are filed under Adventure, Comedy, Thriller etc. categories. In some cases pupils have created podcasts to accompany their reports & reviews & these have been uploaded with the relevant posts as well. Pupils then begin to share by means of comments. In some cases they ask questions, agree with or disagree with the writer. Pupils from other schools have commented on their work & in some cases have asked questions regarding movies. It is envisaged that eventually pupils will be able to collaborate with pupils in other schools on line, by means of ‘Voice Thread’ & share their reports & reviews. From my own experience this project has been a huge success. The children in my class are highly motivated to write both reports & reviews. Children, who previously, didn’t want to engage in writing, are now voluntarily bringing in reports & reviews to upload. They also log on to the Blog to see who has commented on their piece of writing & their engagement with the whole process has taken me by surprise. I think that the fact that they are publishing their work to a national audience gives them immense satisfaction & purpose.

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English Genre Writing.

  • Client Name: Mary Daly
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  • Skills Needed: An IWB / Data Projector & Whiteboard. Teaching Laptop / computer. A Microphone (for recording Podcasts). ‘Audacity’ free software. Class access to computers which are networked. Broadband connection.
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