Co-ordinate Geometry of the Line

Co-ordinate Geometry of the Line

Secondary School: Senior Cycle» Maths

Project Type:

Using animation, voice-overs, graphics and text the website takes the student through the various topics. The learning is consolidated by elements of interactivity as evidenced in the section on plotting points. Graphics are used to lift the subject out of the classroom and into real world situations e.g. the slope is explained through the animation of a cyclist riding up a hill. At the end of each module there are exercise sheets that allow the student to answer an unlimited number of questions. The website concludes with some exam questions from the leaving certificate papers with links to the relevant solutions.

Curriculum Addressed

This website relates directly to the co-ordinate geometry of the line question on the leaving certificate ordinary mathematics paper.


This website should be used in association with normal classroom teaching and should be used to reinforce learning.

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