Linear Programming

Linear Programming

Secondary School: Senior Cycle» Maths

Project Type:

This project uses a website to help students understand Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming. This is an optional question on the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Mathematics course. It begins by helping students to understand the concepts of graphing lines and inequalities. The main aim of the website is to offer students an alternative method to understand this concept. This is achieved by simple diagrams with animation to help students grasp the concept of half planes and plotting the relevant region. When the students understand this concept they can progress to Linear Programming. They should realise that there are real life situations where linear programming is used to offer solutions. The combination of Information Technology and the teacher\'s guidance should benefit the student greatly in learning this small but significant area of the Leaving Certificate Mathematics course.

Curiculum Addressed

Leaving Certificate Mathematics Ordinary Level. The website should help students to understand this topic and make them feel more confident in tackling this question in the Leaving Certificate.


Make sure that the students understand the basics before they consider doing this optional question. They should have a good "grounding" in co-ordinate geometry and algebra. They need to know how to solve simultaneous equations. After studying the diagrams and trying some examples they should feel comfortable with this topic.

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