AzTechnology: 2.0 Worlds Collide

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The main aim of this resource is to enable the children to learn about 3 specific aspects of Aztec life: A) daily lifestyle (food, education, family, pastimes etc) B) Aztec Gods (beliefs, traditions) C) war/warriors (as result of invading explorers). The emphasis for this project will be very much on the "process" of learning for the children, and for the teacher from a historical perspective, as well as a 21st Century one.\r\n\r\nClass learning can be "hands on," and historical enquiry (see above) can be enriched with the use of Web 2.0 technologies (see above). Group work is encouraged for this project. By the end of the project, the children will have a display of "project products" (in various forms) to showcase to an authentic audience (other children in class, school, teachers, parents, wider community). Age group: 5th to 6th Class (10-12 years).

Curriculum Addressed

History: Early People and Ancient Societies: Central and South American Peoples: The Aztecs. Time & Chronology: understanding of the sequence of Aztec events. Change &Continuity: understanding changes/similarities: Aztec/21st Century life. Cause/Effect: Exploration of the Rise and Fall of Aztec Empire. Evidence: Images, Photos, replica artefacts, accounts, interviews with historians (via Youtube), library books. Synthesis & Communication: construction of replica evidence, Aztec homes, clay, jewellery, temples, sun dials, weapons, armour, clothing AND a variety of Web 2.0 technologies to record the construction process, eg digital images, video, word processing, story making, blog publication and podcasting. Empathy: This project is based on a 21st Child stumbling into an Aztec world. Empathy is a central factor as the children imagine what it would be like to be an Aztec child and report back using 21st Century technologies! LINKAGE: Art, Music, Maths, Science, Geography, SPHE, English, DRAMA, Religion\r\n\r\
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  • Client Name: Anne McMorrough
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  • Skills Needed: nBackground information via eg library books/internet; laptop/PC; digital camera/video camera (optional); microphone; freeware (see list above); art/craft materials.
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