A Visit to the Farm

Primary School

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This website is aimed at the junior classes in the primary school. It is designed to introduce children to the farm in all its aspects. It explains the different types of farms and work of the farmer on each of these farms on a seasonal basis. It introduces the farm animals, their appearance, their sounds and what they give us. There are some short video clips of some of the animals. Crops are also introduced in the broadest possible way. Grasses and cereals form one section while fruit and vegetables form another. Activities are included to enable the children to test their knowledge of the farm. Indeed, as the website is not designed for use in a linear way, it may be preferable to allow the children to begin with the activities and then use the information pages to search for answers they do not know. Two sets of resources are includes. There are online resources which can be used to enhance class lessons. There are also printable resources. These resources are aimed at getting the children go beyond simply learning the information and use it to compare and contrast animals, crops etc.

  • Client Name: Deirdre Corcoran
  • Project URL: http://resources.teachnet.ie/dcorcoran
  • Skills Needed: To access this site Internet access is required on a computer onto which windows media player and active x have been installed. A printer is needed to get the printable resources.
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