Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Mairead O Sullivan

    Hi my mane is Mairead O’ Sullivan. My favourite space fact is that ‘Shooting stars blaze a range of colours based on the elements they’re made of’.

    Inquiry Based Lesson: how sugar dissolves: Skittles Experiment 2nd class

    Equipment Needed: skittle, plates, water, hot water and milk

    I placed the Skittles into a white container and tried to alternate the colours.

    I Carefully poured water into the container.

    Then I handed out the materials to the children in small groups. They had to complete the experiment in groups.

    We watched what happened.

    We discussed their predictions, and the new language presented. The children recorded the experiment using pictures and labels. The children then peer assessed each others’ work. The children loved watching the colours. To extend the activity we used milk, and hot water to see if there were any changes to the experiment. I will definitely do this lesson next year. To extend this I would get the children to predict in written form. The children really enjoyed this experiment. It was hands-on, group accessible and easily differentiated.

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