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Sharon Murphy

    One way I have incorporate hands-on activities on the topic of space in my junior infant classroom is by creating a space-themed sensory bin. Fill a large bin with materials such as black beans (to represent outer space), plastic planets, toy astronauts, and glow-in-the-dark stars. Let the children explore the bin, sort the objects by size or colour, and create their own space scenes using the materials.

    Another hands-on activity could involve creating a solar system mobile. Using various materials such as paper plates, paint, and string, have the children paint and decorate each paper plate to represent a different planet in the solar system. Once the plates are dry, attach them to a hanger or dowel rod to create a mobile that they can hang in the classroom.

    I have also used and enjoyed reading here on the forum about different space-themed dramatic play areas in the classroom. Set up a space station with pretend astronaut suits, helmets, and a control panel. Encourage students to role-play as astronauts exploring outer space, communicating with mission control, and conducting experiments on different planets.

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