Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Cliodhna Kelly

    My name is Clíodhna and I will be teaching 2nd class in September.


    The activity investigating “Which material do you think might be best to soak up the spill?” is highly engaging for students as it involves hands-on experimentation. I would start with a discussion, asking them to predict which material they believe will be most effective and why. Have students work in small groups to test their hypotheses by pouring a measured amount of water onto a surface and using each material to soak it up. They will observe and record how much water each material absorbs. After the experiment, gather as a class to compare results and discuss which material was most effective and why, considering factors such as material composition and structure. The use of different materials and water captures their interest and curiosity. Using the scientific method allows Students to learn to ask questions, form hypotheses, conduct experiments, and draw conclusions. They develop critical thinking skills in making predictions and analysing results. And they also work in groups to promote teamwork and communication. I would also encourage students to think about other questions they could explore with similar experiments.


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