Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Corinna Carolan

    Module 3

    The activity I would choose is based on stars. I’m going to be in SEN next year and one of the children I work with has a huge interest in space.  I think he would enjoy the activity, “Looking at the Plough from 2 different perspectives”.  I’d get him to follow the steps and make the 3D model shown in this module.  He should be able to manage most of it himself, even measuring out the correct lengths of string.  Then after looking at it from below and on the same level and discussing what he can see from both perspectives he could present it to his classmates and answer questions about it as this will be a confidence boost for him,  It could be displayed in his classroom.  I also think he would enjoy making a star lantern – he would probably prefer making actual constellations that exist rather than imaginary ones.

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