Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Ciara Evans

    Our school puts alot of effort into science week with guest speakers coming into the classroom, science fairs, regular science breaks in the class etc.


    One thing I always did was during eating time I would play Chris Hadfield the Astronaut that makes videos from space. These are fun snippets that showcase regular things being done in space.

    I think out of all the Activity Set shown I would like to incorporate – Rockets
    I would Read the book Smeds and Smoos to introduce the concept of space exploration and rockets.  I would show videos of Chris Hadfield in space. I would show pictures of different types of rockets.

    Showing two different rocket designs I would ask the children which rocket design they think will work better and why. Which rocket will go the farthest? would divide the children into groups with a list of the same items to build a rocket e.g. Pringles can, milk carton, sellotape.

    I would get each group to predict which rocket design they think will fly higher or farther. I would ask the students if they had to change one thing what would that be?

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