Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Rachael Donnellan

    Activity Set: Rockets.
    I will show the children an image of a rocket on the IWB.
    Video: How does a rocket fly?
    How do Rockets work?
    Demonstrate by using a balloon- blow up the balloon and explain that when you let it go the air is going to push the balloon forward. – thrust in action. In the case of a rocket, the rockets get their thrust from fuel, not air.
    Hands- on activity:
    Make Straw Rockets with the children.
    Straw Rockets are also mess-free, easy to make and can be themed in lots of different ways.
    The children can decorate their rocket cut out.
    The paper cutout of a rocket is attached to a shorter, wider straw than the one the child blows down. The wider straw is sealed at the top, so when air from the main straw hits it, the rocket flies!

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