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Jill O Callaghan

    Activity: Weather- What Clothes to Wear?

    This is an excellent activity for exploring weather and the different clothes you wear for different weather. It begins to introduce materials and their properties also. The children will all receive a picture of various seasons and they will colour it. I will ask them different questions about their pictures e.g. is it hot/cold? What is the boy wearing? Is it wet?. I will remind them of the 4 seasons and we will try to match each picture they coloured to a season. These will be displayed on the wall underneath each season. The children will sit in a circle and there will be a dress-up box in the middle with various items of clothing in it. I will tell a number of short stories describing the weather and ask different groups of children to put on appropriate clothes to match the weather I have described. I will ask them to explain their choices and I will ask the other children if they agree. There will be a lot of who/what/when type of questions. By the end of the activity the children will be aware that the sun makes you hot so you need less clothes on sunny days and in the winter when it is colder you need more clothes to keep warm. I will then use the story included in the activity plan to incorporate lots of different types of weather. While reading the story the children will act out different parts and use their bodies and voices.

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