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Sinead Devlin

    Activity Set: Where do you live and weather?

    1.     Where do you live?
    2.     Weather Animals in the cold
    3.     What clothes to wear?
    4.     Investigating Children’s Coats
    5.     Hot and Cold

    I would begin to teach this unit of work by integrating the key vocabulary with our talk time programme/ word of the day. This vocabulary would include community, village, apartment, bungalow, dethatched, semi- dethatched, garden.

    We will then read the three little pigs and talk about the different types of homes and materials that are best used for building homes.

    We will then partake in the lesson  and make models of our homes.

    Before moving on to animals in the cold. We will investigate hot and cold and use the ice cube experiment to do this. Children will sort and classify items of hot and cold.

    We will then read the story of the Emperor penguin, discuss where a penguin lives and hypothesis on how they keep warm. We will create a mind map based on our discussion.
    I will then present the class with the Vaseline and ask them how do they think animals might use grease to help them keep warm.

    The penguin’s feathers and the polar bear’s fur are also covered in a layer of grease to repel water. Rub Vaseline on one of each child’s hands. Now the children also have a greasy layer on their skin. Drip some water on this hand.
    What happens to the water?
    To finish off this we will discuss what tools we have to keep us warm. We will then move on in the next lesson to investigating materials and change and make a raincoat for teddy as I outline in module 1.


    As part of our school self evaluation we have a theme of work to complete in SESE per term. We could include some of these lesson options and survey pupils and teachers to evaluate how effective our teaching practice is.

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