Reply To: Module 1 – The Curious Minds/ESERO Framework

Eleanor Mccaffrey


    I’m Eleanor McCaffrey – a SET teacher in junior school in Donegal – I’ve always been intrigued about gravity since I was a child and my mum told me about Issac Newton and the Apple -was always looking at the Apple trees in our orchid after that 😀


    As SET I go in and help the junior clsss teachers and this year in senior infants / first class we made a planet display – we integrated it into our maths by talking about shape and size and how far from the earth / sun the planets were – the children made the planets different colours and sizes and some in 1st class even worked on number of syllables in each planets name and we integrated this into our UFLI lesson ! By end of year most of the children could name the planets and their size – an enjoyable fun activity

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