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Barra Cronin

    Integrating digital technology into primary schools in Ireland enriches student learning by making lessons more engaging and interactive. Apps, interactive whiteboards, and multimedia resources cater to diverse learning styles, capturing students’ attention and fostering curiosity. It mirrors the use of digital technology at home and can really assist in creating school-home links.

    Aligning with the School Self-Evaluation (SSE) Guidelines, schools can focus on digital technologies in their schools if they wish, but perhaps those who can’t can instead try and adopt digital devices across the curriculum, including the focus of their SSE.

    Prioritising professional development helps teachers stay current with technological advancements, ultimately creating a dynamic and effective learning environment that prepares students for a digitally connected world. The current education system we have was created at a time we can hardly compare today’s technology to. By using the Digital Strategy for Schools to 2027 document, all schools can ensure they are following best practice and keep abreast of the ever changing technology revolution.

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