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Fiona Kavanagh

    Hands on classroom theme and activity: The Weather

    Objectives; students will learn about the different types of weather and understand what types of clothing are appropriate for different weather conditions.

    Intro: Sing a weather-related song like ‘whats the weather like today?’ Discuss what the weather is like today and how the weather makes the children feels.


    Picture book – read a picture book as a whole-class, engage by asking questions ‘what do you see in the sky? what do you think happens when it rains?’

    Weather discussion – discuss weather flashcards ‘what can you see? what kind of weather is it?’

    Clothes matching game – this can be either pictures of various clothing or actual clothing items. The children will choose the appropriate clothing to match each weather flashcard and explain why e.g waterproof.

    Dress-up race – the class will be divided into 2 teams. Each team will be given a weather type and must rush to the pile of clothes and dress appropriately for that weather before the other team.

    Conclusion: Review the key points we learned about weather. Create a weather journal that the children can fill in for the week.

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