Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry


    I would try to implement Space Week in the classroom while integrating as many Curricular areas as possible.

    Some suggestions of activities that I think would be very effective in the younger classes would be

    Having a space area in the room with vocabulary, pictures etc.

    If the class use Aistear then you could tie in the theme of Space for the week in the Role play, construction, Art area,

    Make a Space Passport- I think this is a lovely idea for the infant classes

    Design a 2d shape alien- integration with maths

    Drama- Act out a space walk- stimulus watching Neil Armstrong taking the first steps on the moon on You Tube

    Visual Arts- Design your own rockets using foam sheets and use paper and tinfoil to make the planets and the stars

    English- Read the story “Back to Earth with a bump” and discuss

    Music- The planets song- Five little men in a flying saucer

    Make Alien Slime using cornflour and conditioner.

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