Reply To: Module 5 – Rockets & Alien Chemistry

Rachel Doyle

    Module 5 Assignment

    Rocket Mice:

    As a stimulus to this activity, I would play an audio of a rocket launch countdown. I would ask the pupils to close their eyes and guess what they were listening to. I would then use the CBC Kids News website to show the pupils a rocket launch video. In groups, the pupils would discuss how they think they would make a rocket launch and share their ideas. They would be informed that they would be making rocket mice in groups. The group that makes the mouse launch the furthest wins. The pupils must gather different-sized milk containers at home and bring them to school. As an art activity, the children would design their rockets.

    Launch day:

    The pupils will make predictions on what rocket will launch the mouse the furthest and why. Outside the pupils will launch their rockets and record how far their mouse was launched using steps (1 step, 2 steps, etc.). This can be compared with other groups and their milk carton sizes. The pupils will also discuss what made the mouse launch and why it landed back on the ground.

    During Aistear time the pupils can build a rocket from Lego and bricks. They can pretend to go to the moon, sun, or planets in their rocket.

    During creative writing, the pupils can write an account of their experience of taking their rocket to a planet of their choice. They may also draw pictures.


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