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Helen O Sullivan


    My name is Helen O Sullivan and I am a Senior Infant teacher .I love every minute of teaching the seniors.I love their curious minds and their total lack of filter !!!

    My amazing space fact :Myself and the1st  landing on the moon are the same age !!!!

    Inquiry based Activity

    My children loved this

    It provides plenty of scope for discussion and oral language. There is scope for worksheet activity after where they can write, label and draw their activity.

    Title: Chemical Bonds: stretch when freezing so that ice becomes less dense that water

    I have great fun asking them to explain how they can watch this property in action!


    So we pour the water into a plastic bottle

    We note where the water level is at.

    After leaving in a freezer

    We compare the volume of the liquid and solid after freezing.

    I then ask them how can this work in reverse/where should we leave the water/how long should we leave it there for


    We make a jug of ice water. Again mark the level the water is at.

    Allow the ice to melt and note the new level


    This whole activity allows the children to see two activities around one concept


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