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Sarah Breen

    While the resources mentioned in the modules are fantastic to learn about, I have compiled a list of story books from suggestions in the forum post that I will be trying to add to my collection. It is fantastic to compile a list of resources from those teaching at a similar age level.

    Homes and Houses

    The ESERO resource on where do you live is a fantastic guide as to how I might go about teaching a lesson to children in my class.

    Introduction: – We would read the story of the “The three little pigs”

    We would talk about the houses that all looked different and were unique and were made from different materials.

    Body of lesson: We will look at pictures of different homes and houses and I will ask the children to circle the picture that looks most like their house. I will ask them to use the colours to make the house look as close as it does to their own house.

    I love the idea of giving the children the chance to build their own community by making homes and houses and we could then talk about what things are needed to make a community what it is.

    In reality, this lesson would be spread over a few days and not one standalone lesson.

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