Reply To: Module 3 – Stars, Space and Aliens

Sarah Breen

    I love the idea of using a song or a story about Aliens to introduce a lesson to an infant class. I think Aliens would really trigger interest in the small children and I can imagine the excitement as they describe what their very own alien would look like.

    Stories which stand out to me which I have read before with infants and which they really enjoyed are ”The way back home” by Olivier Jeffers and “Aliens love Underpants” by Claire Freeman and Ben Cort. The latter would really raise a laugh and get the children excited about the lesson.

    We would maybe act how you would react if you were to see an alien to integrate an element of drama. We would talk about what aliens might look like and I would give children a ball of clay each to create their own alien.

    As a follow-on activity to this, We would paint our aliens as our art lesson for the week.

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