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Katie-Jo O’Grady

    Hands on classroom activity – exploring hot vs cold in an infant classroom

    I would start with a simple discussion about temperature, asking students if they know what “hot” and “cold” mean. Show examples, such as a picture of the sun and a snowflake. We would then read the book “Hot and Cold” by Susan Canizares together.

    Experiment – I would fill one bowl with warm water and another with cold water.
    Place a few small plastic toys or objects in each bowl.

    Students take turns feeling the water in both bowls.
    Ask them to describe how the water feels (e.g., “The water is warm/cold”).
    Ice could also use thermometers to measure the temperature of each bowl.
    I would show these to the children and perhaps print large image of a thermometer and colour in the reading we took to display.

    Kid identify which bowl felt warm and which felt cold.
    Discuss how we use our sense of touch to feel temperature.
    Use chart paper to create a visual chart of objects that are hot and cold.

    Ask students how they feel when it’s hot outside versus when it’s cold.
    Discuss the importance of dressing appropriately for different temperatures.

    Summarize the activity, emphasizing the difference between hot and cold.
    Reinforce that temperature is something we can feel and measure.
    To finidh off I would have students draw pictures of things that are hot and cold.

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